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APT Medical Optimizes Cardiology with CONQUEROR™ Trap Trapping Balloon Catheter

APT Medical presents the CONQUEROR™ Trap Trapping Balloon Catheter, a excellent medical device that makes device exchanges during interventional treatments more straightforward. With its novel features and high-quality construction, this trapping balloon catheter enables excellent visibility, steady trapping, and guidewire position maintenance. Let’s examine the exceptional attributes and benefits of the CONQUEROR™ Trap Trapping Balloon Catheter in improving interventions related to cardiology.

Spiral Catheter Design for Optimal Balance

The CONQUEROR™ Trap Trapping Balloon Catheter incorporates a spiral catheter design, meticulously engineered to balance pushability and flexibility. The descending stiffness of the catheter offers medical professionals precise control during device exchange procedures. The spiral design allows smooth navigation through the vasculature while maintaining the necessary support for effective catheter advancement, enhancing procedural success rates in complex cardiology interventions.

High-Pressure Balloon for Safe Trapping

The CONQUEROR™ Trap Trapping Balloon Catheter boasts a high RBP (Recommended Burst Pressure) of the balloon, ensuring the guidewire is safely trapped and stabilized during device retrieval. This feature enables medical professionals to confidently perform device exchanges, maintaining the desired guidewire position throughout the procedure. The high-pressure balloon ensures secure trapping, reducing the risk of complications and enhancing procedural efficiency.

Superior Visibility for Precise Navigation

The CONQUEROR™ Trap Trapping Balloon Catheter offers superior visibility under x-ray guidance with a platinum-iridium marker incorporated into its design. The marker enhances visualization, allowing medical professionals to track the catheter’s position and navigate it accurately. The clear visibility of the catheter and the target location ensures optimal device placement and enhances overall procedural outcomes.


APT Medical’s CONQUEROR™ Trap Trapping Balloon Catheter significantly advances cardiology interventions. With its spiral catheter design, high-pressure balloon, superior visibility marker, and enhanced pushability, this medical device offers medical professionals the tools they need to perform device exchanges conveniently, precisely, and efficiently. With a philosophy of innovation and patient-centered design, APT Medical has significantly advanced the field of interventional and raised the standard of patient care through the development of groundbreaking, high-quality medical devices such as the CONQUEROR™ Trap Trapping Balloon Catheter.

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