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Thomo chickens are famous throughout Asia and always receive the attention of many people who love cockfighting.Link vào New88 will provide readers with basic information about Thomo school, decode the appeal of live cock fighting and share some big winning betting experiences. If you are interested in this topic, join us to explore the article’s content.

What is Thomo Chicken?

Thomo is the largest cockfighting arena in Cambodia, built on a scale like a miniature stadium with thousands of seats around the arena. Thomo school is equipped with a strict security camera surveillance system, competitions always take place with fair referees, according to the rules, and extremely professional tournaments are organized.

Thomo cockfighting arena is where top competitions that will go down in history take place. It is the place to organize 15 billion cockfights, 24 billion cockfights, c1 major tournaments, c3 cup tournaments… Based on this factor, you can clearly see Thomo’s appeal and popularity. How is it in Asia?

Cambodia is a place that allows the construction of cockfighting arenas and the organization of legal tournaments. Thanks to its popularity and reputation, New88 proactively signed a cooperation agreement with Thomo. Since then, the competitions between fighting cocks have been recorded and broadcast live via the bookmaker’s website.

What is Thomo Chicken Direct?

Thomo live cock fighting is currently developing strongly, always attracting a large number of players to watch every day. Based on updated New88 statistics, the number of accounts watching online competitions reaches millions every day. This is clear proof of the appeal and excitement that this type of entertainment brings.

Thomo cockfighting directly brings convenience to those who love this field. Instead of going to the place where the competition takes place, now you only need a device that is successfully connected to the internet. Access the reputable bookmaker website, choose the match you want to follow and from there, satisfy your unlimited passion.

Surely at this point you have answered the question, what is Thomo live fighting cock? Next, let us explore in detail the appeal of this type.

What is attractive about Thomo cockfighting live?

It is certainly not a coincidence that online cockfighting is loved by so many people. Please join us in discovering the appeal of this special type of entertainment through content evaluating specific aspects.

The quality of cockfighting broadcast is good

It’s great that you can save on travel costs to the arena and still be able to watch top competitions live. Each match is broadcast in sharp full HD quality, vivid sound, stable video, no lag. The house also supports Vietnamese commentary, thereby helping viewers easily grasp developments and not miss any dramatic situations.

Get access to live Thomo cockfighting betting odds

The second attractive point is that you can bet on the cock directly through the house’s website. The betting rules are extremely simple and you will choose 1 of 3 corresponding bets: Wala (choose the winning player’s cock), Meron (choose the winning dealer’s cock), BDD (draw).

Based on the final match result, if you predict correctly, you will receive a corresponding bonus from the house. You can withdraw this amount to the affiliated bank. The current reward redemption process is simplified by New88 and the system supports quick order approval in just 5 – 10 minutes.

There are valuable promotions when watching live

Watch live footballThomo chicken At New88 you also receive valuable gifts through promotions. The house’s preferential event is applied to show gratitude to long-time customers, while also supporting the strategy of attracting new people. Some typical programs you should register to participate in are: refunding lost bets, deposit bonuses, referring friends…
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Good experience in live Thomo cockfighting betting

Quick summary of some experiences from experts to help you enter cockfighting bets effectively:

  • Actively update information about cocks participating in competitions.
  • Evaluating a wrestler is based on factors: achievements, form, match history…
  • Offer effective betting levels, suitable for personal finances.
  • Be mentally stable to make accurate betting decisions.
  • Know when to stop.

The content of the article provides basic knowledge to help you see the appeal of Thomo cockfighting directly. If you want to watch the top competition today, go to New88 to set up a member account. In addition, to learn more about the cockfighting betting experience of experts, please visit our website.

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