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Are you a new lottery player? You are looking for a simple but highly effective method of playing lottery, then lottery is the top choice for you. It is known that this is not a very complicated way to play, but the effectiveness it brings is extremely impressive, up to 98%. But do you understand what lottery is, as well as how effective lottery betting is? If not, you should read this article, because here is the house New88today will answer the above questions for you. Let’s follow along!

What is lottery?

Right from the name, it speaks to the nature of this type of betting, so you can understand that lottery numbers refer to the tenacity and stubbornness of lottery numbers that have not exploded for quite a long time. Sometimes it’s up to 1 month, sometimes with children it even goes beyond the second mark. Because of this tenacity, many regions also call the Lo Gan with the extremely lovely name “Lo Khan”.

The appearance of the live lottery is due to the Northern lottery results only having 27 out of 100 lottery numbers. Not to mention, out of those 27, there are a few that appear multiple times a month. That’s why, nowadays, in addition to checking the liver lottery, many people are also looking to find out the reason why the liver lottery in the North has not returned for a long time.

Benefits of playing lottery

If you are a passionate player who loves to explore and calculate. Indeed, playing lottery is an extremely perfect choice that you should try. Putting aside the idea that playing lottery is bad, playing lottery not only brings you moments of peak entertainment, but if you are lucky, you will also win many prizes for yourself. same attraction.

In addition to the entertainment factor, playing lottery is a quite useful tool for you to train your memory, judgment and especially patience. Because as mentioned above, lotteries are quite stubborn, so you have to be patient to win this game.

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The ultimate way to play lottery from bookmaker  New88

Do you understand what lottery is? Because, you must really understand the concept of lottery to be able to effectively apply the following ways to play lottery:

Play according to cumulative rules

With this way of playing, you will have to monitor the results of the lottery table within 1 month. Then see which numbers you haven’t seen explode within that month, or have exploded but not more than twice. Once you have found the number that you feel most satisfied with, you just need to raise that number in a 3-day or 7-day frame with a ratio of 2:4:6 or 1:3:5, you are guaranteed to win big. Please!

Bet on special prizes

This way to play is quite simple, you just need to choose the first or last number of the special prize you are predicting that day. Next, you will combine those two numbers together, thus creating the lottery number that you need to raise in the coming days!

For example: Today’s special prize is 2743830, you will get the first number 2 and the last number 0 and combine them together. Thus, you will find out that the number 20 is the standard lottery number that you must keep in the following days!

Bet by betting

Compared to the previous two ways to play, this way is much simpler and more effective. Players just need to choose a number of their choice, then compare today’s lottery results to see if the 2 numbers before and the 2 numbers after it match or not. If it matches, this is the number you need to find, but if it doesn’t match, keep looking!


So  New88 has helped you decipher what lottery is, as well as share with you some of the best ways to play lottery today. Hopefully this is useful knowledge and effective support for you on your path to getting rich. Finally, wish you all good luck!

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